Andrea and David's trip to Japan, July 2011

Day 11: 28-7-11 Nemuru - (Day 11) - birdlist - bird gallery

43 13' N 145 34' E a hot and sticky day

After a sumptuous, and very Japanese breakfast, we walked up to the station and a taxi to the local Ramsar site nature reserve, some 10 km west of Nemuru. This was excellent and we feasted on 2 crane pairs, one with a young chick.

Taxi back to Nemuru, bought some fruit and an ice cream, and took the bus to Cape Nosappu- the easternmost point on Hokkaido. We watched sea birds and Japanese tourists - and the process of drying seaweed, while the Japanese coastguards kept their eyes on the birder to the de facto Russian border. And maybe the seals and two cetaceans we saw.

Returned in time for a well needed beer and yet another banquet. The family at the next table, from Yokohama spoke excellent English and we chatted and eventually exchanged addresses the oldest, a 95 year old lady, was two heads shorter than Andrea. They generously donated a King crab to us and we toasted in sake, which they also donated to us.