Andrea and David's trip to Japan, July 2011

Day 5: 21-7-11 - (Day 4- Day 6) - birdlist - bird gallery

Briefly, we arrived at Sapporo on Hokkaido after 16 fairly comfortable hours on the night train, found the Inn and had a well-needed shower before departing for the open air (historical buildings museum). The museum was interesting and well done but very few visitors. We focussed on the farming and fisherman's houses. Most of the 70 or so buildings were about 100 years old. Some were very refined, with paper walls others very solid, with roof structures designed to withstand large snow masses. Fascinating! A very nice setting on a hill about 20 minutes from our guesthouse (Backpacker's Hostel Ino's Place).

We went to the beer festival for a couple of beers and food in the evening. There were five serving areas, two closest to the metro station were Japanese breweries and very crowded with an army of waiters and waitresses. Each had its special way of serving large amounts of beer. Note the 2m high cylinders of beer. All very well organised with many enjoying themselves after work.

The backpacker's Hostel, Ino's Place. we stayed at was something of an institution. There was a library, book at music exchange area, excellent kitchen, laundery and several rooms and dormitories equipped with wide bunks with rather thin traditional mattresses. The hostess was very friendly and helpful. Incredibly well organised.