Andrea and David's trip to Japan, July 2011

Day 1 17-7-11 - Day 2 - birdlist

A bit more from  Day 1. Japan is very different - in some ways mere western than other places we have visited in Asia, but a very distinct culture. Very clean. Many do not speak English. Very polite, very helpful. Not many birds - see birdlist.

oh, and we are staying at Sakura Hotel, which you will have gathered, has free internet.

Day one, 17/7-11 Tokyo

Arrived at Narita airport 40 minutes early at 7 am. We were at the hotel 2 hrs later. Suburban rail and metro. EASY! Signs in English. Enough spoke English! Showered, room available, walked to the Imperial Palace - fine gardens, amazing bastions. Ate a curry, soon ready for bed. It is about 35oC here and was sunny all day. We melted! Pictures by both of us. Mostly taken in or from the Imperial gardens