We visited Quebec and New Brunswick, driving and camping. Overnight stops in Ste Jacques, Saint John, The Fundy National Park, Hopewell Rocks, Bouctouche, then over the border to Grand Métis (motel), three nights at Les Bergernons at one of the best placed campsites either of us have ever visited and finally three nights in Quebec city at a hotel I won't recommend. As we landed in Heathrow on the way home we followed this with three nights in London where we met the boys, mother and John, but that's another story.

The birdlist has 115 spp.

Mammals (and eventually butterflies) below. We'll put some pickies up in due course (always promising that), but none of our squirrels quite match http://www.guardian.co.uk/news/blog/2009/aug/13/squirrel-canada-holiday-snap 

English name Dansk navn Latin name New Brunswick Quebec 2009
Eastern Chipmunk Østelig Jordegern Tamias striatus 25/7 Saint John  
(Eastern) Grey Squirrel Grå Egern Sciurus carolinensis 24/7 Saint John 3/8 Quebec (also black morph)
American Red Squirrel Amerikansk Rødegern Tamiasciurus hudsonicus 25/7 Saint John 24/7-09 Ste Jacques
White-beaked Dolphin Hvidnæse delfin Lagenorhynchus albirostris   2/8 Les Bergernons
Black Bear Sort Bjørn Ursus americana   1/8 Les Bergernons
Beluga Hvidhval Delphinapterus leucas   1/8 Les Bergernons
Piked (Minke) Whale (Lesser Rorqual) Vågehval Balaenoptera acutostrata   31/7 Tadoussac
Fin(back) Whale Finhval Balaenoptera physalus   1/8-09 Les Bergernons
Blue Whale Blåhval Balaenoptera musculus   2/8-09 Les Bergernons
Humpback Whale Pukkelhval Megaptera noveangeliae   31/7 Tadoussac
Red Fox Ræv Vulpes vulpes 26/7 Saint John  
Racoon Vaskebjørn Procyon lotor   30/7 Grand Métis
Striped Skunk Stribet skunk Mephitis mephitis   1/8 Les Bergernons
Grey Seal Gråsæl Halichoerus grypus 25/7 Saint John  
Common/Harbor Seal Spættet sæl Phoca vitulina 30/7 Trois Pistoles  
Moose Elsdyr (elg) Alces alces 25/7 Nr Grand Falls  


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